About Me

My History

My name is Jeremy Wilks, and I am the owner of Kinetics. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, I attended Louisiana State University, where I proudly obtained a B.S in Kinesiology in 2008. I then began working as a trainer in a private studio where I had the opportunity to meet and work with some very intelligent and dedicated health and fitness professionals. They showed me what it meant to not settle with a "university education". They showed me the importance of continually expanding my knowledge and skills that can help improve the lives of those I work with. I quickly fell in love with partnering with my clients to invest in their health and functionality in life. You might be wondering why I chose the word "functionality", and I'm happy to explain. I believe there is so much more to exercise than liking what you see in the mirror or seeing an ideal number on a scale. Quality of life doesn't come from dropping a dress or pant size, or even reaching a weight that maybe your doctor advised. Quality of life comes from being able to experience life as you want and need to. Whether it is a growing teen that needs to learn how to move and use their "new body", a young mom who needs to dedicate time for herself and recover from the stresses of childbirth, professionals who need help balancing work life with activity, recreational athletes who want to improve in their passions without getting hurt, or even the aging population who want to enjoy their grandchildren or even just improve their mobility and confidence; it is my job to help achieve all of these goals and achieve them safely. As a CHEK Practitioner, through the CHEK Institute, my approach when working with clients includes:

    • Assessment: postural problems, range of motion deficiencies, bio-mechanics/movement deficiencies, overall health andstress load


    • Corrective Exercise and Stretching: correct posture and mechanics by stretching specific muscle groups that aretight and strengthen those that are weak


    • General Conditioning/Specific Training: functional exercises combined with specific work to reach individualgoals and allow for many years of an active lifestyle


If you or someone you know are ready to take a new step toward investing in their health and fitness, please contact me so that we can begin that journey together today!